Cable tags are used to identify and distinguish various kinds of the cables to avoid confusion. There are different kinds of cable tags which are used in this aspect and before you decide to purchase these, you have to decide whether you actually need a cable tag or you just need to wrap up your wires. Although some people use the wire markers on the cables as well which also serves the purpose in some cases but not in all cases. The correct way is to mark each wire with the wire marker in the cable and then use the cable tag to identify the bundles.

Usage of the cable tags:

A system where there is a wide and complex network of cables such as a computer server room or telecommunication room, then there it is important to keep the cables organized so that whenever there is an issue in some part, the respective cables could be checked and then repaired instead of wasting the time in finding it. The cables are usually separated based on their function and the similar function cables are combined with the cable tags. Various kinds of cables could be identified using the cable tags such as the power cables, ground ones, data centres and communication cables.

Which printer should be used to make the cable tag?

The thermal printer must be used in order to make the plastic cable markers because these ensure that the cable tag is durable. Another advantage of using the thermal cable is that you can make a predefined template and then use it to make the cable tags. This is how the consistency in the size and the format is achieved and there is no printing readability issue.

Which material is used in making the cable tags?

The first material is the plastic which is thin and flexible. These plastic cable markers are manufactured in variety of shapes and sizes. These are tougher and could be customized in to different colours. The plastic cable markers also come in the rigid form. Both the thin and the rigid are designed to bear the intensity of the outside environment which means these are resistant to moisture, greases, sun rays, oils and other such conditions.

What should you consider before buying the cable tags is that how much diameter of the cable you need to wrap up and where is this cable placed so that you buy the right kind and right material for the cables tags. There are number of manufacturer in the market who could also guide you about the appropriate materials and usages if you inform them about your requirement and the kind of the cables that you use.